Am I the only one that has trouble getting our development and product teams to make the most of our IT strategy?  I can’t be.  I know there are several of you that struggle with this too!  Let me just share a high-level diagram that should explain the approach to an enterprise’s IT strategy:

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.30.25 PM

I hope everyone can look at this and really understand how developed your IT strategy should be.  Ever realize that every solution to any problem is ALWAYS communication.  Not just the act of communication, but HOW you communicate, WHEN you communicate, and how OFTEN.  I wish there was a magic “on” button that could be pressed so that all of us would communicate exactly how we should in every scenario – especially developing a strategy for the business.  When it comes to IT architecture, the five main concepts are communication, strategy, architecting, governing, and leading.  Communication is that the forefront followed by:

  • A good leader.  A good leader will pave the way for a successful IT strategy.  Someone that can develop employees and mentor them.
  • A solid architect.  An architect is needed to identify gaps and help plan the future state.
  • A strategy is needed.  You can’t execute a plan without a strategy and you can’t strategize without a solid plan in mind.
  • Governance.  Without proper project assistance and management of development cycles, an IT strategy is only as good as its evolving team.

All these together and your enterprise stands a chance!  It is a long road and a tough battle if you are part of an organization that has product and technology segregation.  The main point is communication.  As with any strategy, there should be a clear path and detailed steps on how to achieve the desired end-state or goal.  An IT strategy can be very difficult to coordinate and execute – you need the right people and you need those willing to see it through from start to finish.

I have constantly seen a large team get excited about an IT strategy only for it to fall through when 50% stop contributing.  That 50% usually accounts for those team members that don’t understand the vision, the goal, the idea, the approach, or even their job requirements in relation to the IT strategy.  This is why communication is so important and a good leader should be selected to head the initiative.

If you have any stories of your own, share with me in the comments below!

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